Tour Discover Javakheti
1 Days
From 30$

Javakheti is one of the oldest and completely different in its landscape and relief region of Georgia. Surrounded by the grandiose mountains and ridges of the highlands, the deepest canyons, crystal clear lakes and rivers, green fields, the sky strewn with stars, healthy air and climate, an incredible number and diversity of cultural monuments, surprises and evokes everyone!

The Price of the tour: 30$ per person in group, containing 8 persons.

Tour Duration: 1 Day

 Price Includes:

  •  Discover Georgia's high quality service - tour planning, organization and coordination
  • Transportation during the tour (Driver service, with transport & fuel)
  • English speaking guide service

Present from the company:

  •  Transfer from/to hotel
  • 1 bottle of water (per person)


During the tour you will get acquainted with the following sights:

The fortress of Akhaltsikhe - Rabati is actually a city in the city. Apart from historical fortresses, towers, churches and mosque, there are many modern amenities in the complex. For example: a tourist information center, a restaurant, a cafe, clothing and souvenir shops, a museum where visitors can see the model of the city of Akhaltsikhe, the wedding home, Turkish baths, necropolis Pasha, Citadel, amphitheater, wine cellar ...

A walk in Borjomi park and outdoor recreation. There is everything: beautiful nature, attractions, a cinema, a fountain, gazebos, a swimming pool and many other entertainments. You can try Borjomi mineral water from sources in Borjomi Park.

Artesian springs in the valley feed on water from glaciers covering the tops of the Bakurian Mountains at an altitude of up to 2300 m. The water rises to the surface without pumping and is transported through pipes to two bottling plants in the city of Borjomi.


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Believe me, you will have an unforgettable experience! 


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