Tour Discover Javakheti (Vardzia, Khertvisi)
1 Days
From 37$
Price of the Tour: 37$ per person in a group, containing 8 pax.
Tour Duration: 1Day
Price Includes:
Transfer by comfortable transportation (driver service and fuel);
English speaking guide service.
Present from the company:
• Transfer from/to hotel
• 1bottle of water (per person)
During the tour you will get acquainted with the following sights:
Khertvisi Castle - Medieval castle at the mouth of the Paravani and Mtkvari rivers, located on a high rocky mountain. The castle consists of a citadel and a fence. Due to its location, Khertvisi is known as one of the most impregnable castles. Popularity adds to it the prescription of construction. The fortress of the ancient walls of the fort is so great that today it is considered one of the best preserved sights of Georgia. The walls surrounding the citadel are virtually untouched by time.
Vardzia is considered one of the main attractions of Georgia: high rock towers over the Kur and in its sheer wall, like floors, you can see dozens of natural and man-made caves. This is a cave monastery complex of the XII-XIII centuries. Up to 600 rooms are carved in it: churches, chapels, living cells, storerooms, baths, refectory, treasuries, libraries. The premises of the complex go 50 meters deep into the rock and rise to a height of eight floors. Preserved secret passages linking the premises, the remnants of the water supply and irrigation system. In the center of the monastery is the main temple in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The temple of the hall type is covered with a box-shaped vault and decorated with pilasters; there are unique fresco paintings on the walls, including images of King George III and Queen Tamar.
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Believe me, you will have unforgettable impressions!
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