Discover Lagodekhi
1 Days
From 17 USD
Within the tour tourists will be able to survey city Lagodekhi and its sightseeing beautiful Lagodekhi reserve. Discover Georgia suggests you to enjoy unique nature of lagodekhi and Gurgeniani waterfall. 
Lagodekhi-Nestled at the foot of the Mountains, this reserve of nature is the oldest in Caucasus region.  Lagodekhi is renowned for its natural beauty . reserve  is a unique natural monument for its distinguished flora and fauna, nearby waterfalls and most notably the Lagodekhi Nature Reserve, established in 1911 and first noted by Polish botanist Ludwik M┼éokosiewicz, for having a large variety of tree species. The most interesting sightseeing of lagodekhi reserve is Gurgeniani waterfall its high is 55 meters. 
Price of the tour:
In case of 2 tourists – 129 GEL per person/125$
In case of 5 tourists - 58 GEL per person/55$
In case of 10 tourists – 43GEL per person/30$
In case of 15-20 tourists – 25 GEL per person/17$
Prices include:
  • Transportation (driver, fuel);
  • Company representatives’ support during a tour;
  • Lunch and water 
  • Guide service during the whole tour 
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