Discover the homeland of first Europeans -Georgia
1 Days
From 33 Gel

The implementation date of the tour: On Every Sunday

Type of tour: Historical / cognitive

The price includes:

  • Transportation by comfortable transport (driver and fuel costs)
  • Professional Guide Services
  • Discover Georgia's service - tour planning and coordination
  • Take group photos
  • Tickets of Museum - Reserve Dmanisi and screening of the documentary film

Gift from the company:

  • Mineral water

Additional services (cost not included):

  • In case of desire Lunch in Bolnisi Beer Bar - 1 beer mug +5 Khinkali per person costs 5 Gel. You can taste filtered and unfiltered beer produced in Georgia with German technology and traditional Georgian food. Visiting a brewery and baking Georgian bread.

11:00 -Departure from Old Tbilisi to   Kvemo Kartli

12:30 - View Bolnisi Sioni, which is built in the 5th century. Church preserved the ancient writing. The temple is decorated with amazing relief sculptures: The bull's head, Bird and animal images, As well as various geometric and vegetable decorations, crosses. In the Christian religion one part of birds and animals have a symbolic significance. Type of cross - whose have extension ends and cross itself placed in circle , we know how " Cross Bolnisi “

14:00 - See the sights of Dmanisi and the territory of the museum to see the church with the miraculous icon of Saint Mary.  Visiting Dmanisi Historical and Architectural Museum-preserve. Introduction ‘’Georgia the Homeland of first Europeans’’. 20 minutes documentary film about Dmanisi research and excavation.  Take group photos

15:30 - Departure to Bolnisi  

16:00 -  Visiting a brewery - tasting a beer and Georgian traditional food; baking Georgian bread (in case of desire)

17:30 - Bolnisi tasting mineral acidic water, which has medicinal properties and departure in Tbilisi

19:00 - Return to Tbilisi and the end of the tour

The spectacular fossilised skull of an ancient human ancestor that died nearly two million years ago has forced scientists to rethink the story of early human evolution. Analysis of the skull and other remains at Dmanisi suggests that scientists have been too ready to name separate species of human ancestors in Africa

The latest fossil is the only intact skull ever found of a human ancestor that lived in the early Pleistocene, when our predecessors first walked out of Africa. The skull adds to a haul of bones recovered from Dmanisi that belong to five individuals dated to 1.8m years old. 


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