Info Tour to Borjom-Bakuriani
Tuesday, September 9, 2014
On October 12th Discover Georgia’s representative group had another round of info tour at this time in Borjomi and Bakuriani. The purpose of the tour was to get to know with the new-rebuilt infrastructure of Bakuriani and Borjomi resort, to offer tourists a better and affordable product, which means the perfect and high quality service and low prices.

First of all the company’s group visited the municipality of Borjomi and personally surveyed the lately reconstructed and beautiful town. Discover Georgia strengthened the collaboration with different hotels of Borjomi, museums and an administration of the national park. These connections will help the company to organize cultural, eco and trekking tours better and satisfy all kinds of the visitors.

As far as the winter is coming, Bakuriani is getting ready for the busy season. Discover Georgia’s next stop was exactly this ski resort, which is being reconstructed and getting more and more actual among the visitors both from Georgia and foreign countries. The company created the base of the hotels and guesthouses that will help the tourist with various requirements to organize the vacation much easier.

So, the aim of the info-tour, which means offering a variety of tourist packages to consumers, mastering the new places for sightseeing, hotels and nutrition establishments was successfully completed.

After visiting Batumi, Kakheti and Borjomi-Bakuriani, Discover Georgia continues to make info-tours in different regions of Georgia to improve inbound tours, offer new services and be innovative for the consumers.