Festival of Mtskheta and the Svetitskhoveli
Tuesday, September 9, 2014
On the 14th of October travel agency “Discover Georgia” took part in the festival of the ancient city Mtskheta and the histoical cathedral Svetitskhoveli. This is the day, when the whole Georgia celebrates the Mtskhetoba-Svetitskhovloba celebration; hundreds of people gather here from different cities and countries to take part and attend the festival which is held in the streets of the old capital of Iberia.

A lot of interesting things were exhibited in the streets from all the parts of the country: handmade crafts, paintings, souveniers, various dishes representing Georgian cuisine, and many other things that were very interesting to survey for the tourists and local citizens as well. Georgian singers and ensembles of traditional dances took care of the mood of visitors.

Discover Georgia was the only tour operator that was represented on the festival of Mtskhetoba-Svetitskhovloba. We tried to deliver the information to the visitors about the sights in Georgia, company’s representatives were ready to answer any kind of question and also the company offered the visitors different types of tours all over Georgia.

By the end of the festival Discover Georgia got the award for participation from the municipality of Mtskheta, and also the company expressed a desire to collaborate with the municipality in future and organize other festivals together.

Discover Georgia expresses gratitude to the unity of cultural and sports departments of municipality of Mtskheta for the attention and help during the whole festival.