Welcome to our new colleagues!
Tuesday, September 9, 2014
On September 17th of the current year company Discover Georgia selected two interns for inbound tours on the competitive basis. On December 17th the interns successfully completed the internship program and were employed in the company for the long-term perspective.

During the internship interns organized various activities:

Planning of travel routes /calculating/organizing
Classifying itineraries
Active co-operation with hotels (preparing contracts)
Surveying international visitors/motivation survey
The interns have contributed to the company’s business activities as demonstrated by the planned and organized inbound tours in the different parts of the Georgia.

Discover Georgia hosted tourists from different parts of the world with support and assistance of the interns (ex., from Egypt, Sri Lanka, Iran, Turkey, USA, China, Japan, United Arab Emirates, etc).

Discover Georgia continues internship program the major goal of which is to give students an opportunity of connecting their theoretical knowledge to the practice, developing professional skills and experience, managing information flow, which is important for the professional and career development.

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