Tuesday, September 9, 2014
On 18th  February of the current year  “Discover Georgia” and the wine companies “Winiveria” and “Shumi” signed an agreement. Under the agreement “Discover Georgia’s handicraft salon was given the opportunity to offer travelers and citizens of Georgia wide varieties of wine and Chacha (Georgian grape vodka) produced in accordance with local and European technologies. The natural beverages are made abiding the unique traditions. It should be noted that the harvest takes place in the specially selected vineyards, where grapevine is at least 25 years old that undoubtedly indicates to the outstanding quality of the produced wine.

Companies have their own unique and exclusive technologies, and produced beverages are bottled in the brand-name bottles and crockery.

Our company’s one of the key priorities is to present the ancient history of the Georgian wine industry and culture to the tourists travelling to Georgia and offer them Georgian wine made in the vineyards of Kakheti viticulture region and increase  awareness about Georgian wine around the world.