Tuesday, September 9, 2014
The event will be held by the Association "Georgia - Italy", training and event management consultancy Center `VIPR", the fashion home, "Tina Magalashvili" support and organization. The author is Nika Esakia, a representative of the association "Georgia Italy".

Goal of the project "The Carnival of Venice" is to improve cultural relations between Georgia and Italy, introducing Italian culture and the arts to Georgian people, to bring in innovation and novelty to Georgian reality.

In the carnival it is planed to exhibit the products of Italian brands, works of young painters accompanying with a symphony orchestra. In the carnival will take part in Georgian pantomime theater and pop singers.

The event will held yearly. It has a charitable nature, and the whole income will be transferred to the children, who are suffering with cancer (Bank details: TBC bank; Account number: GE73TB7171536080100002; Banking code: TBCBGE22; Monk Andrew Fund; Contact tel: 571 81 48 14; 595 39 93 90; 570 50 70 53; 032 2 74 76 06)