Business Development Exhibition & Conference
Tuesday, September 9, 2014
On September 20-21th of the current year in the exhibition center Expo Georgia was held  the first business development exhibition-Conference 2013, the event was hosted business consulting companies (e.g. management, financial, marketing and other advisory firms), as well as the financial sector (banks, investment companies etc.). The exhibitors had the opportunity to present their services and new products. The exhibition will be accompanied by a business conference attended by business experts and business elite. The exhibition participants will have opportunity to attend the conference.

Business exhibition is a two day event. Today the exhibition devoted to the business conference, for well known speakers from Europe and USA to give inspirational speeches to the interested audience. the conference attended by  owners and executives of medium and large scale businesses, about 200-250 visitors. Second day of the exhibition will be assigned to meetings of the exhibitors with business representatives.

The tourist company Discover Georgia is invited to participate in the exhibition and workshops, as well as in terms of a planned private meetings with foreign investors and international companies. Discover Georgia was also able to establish business relatins with representatives of Georgian business,and offer their own services. Our company would like to thank the conference organizers and exhibitors participating companies. Discover Georgia continues to participate the exhibits of the same type, enhancing the company's management and innovative projects with foreign partners.