Training Centre 2013
Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Since 2013 Discover Georgia has started an internal competition between toursim trainees. The winners are selected based on their contribution to the company's goals and business activities.

Ekaterine Khetaguri: 09.09.2013 - 09.12.2013
I had three-month internship program in tourist company “DISCOVER GEORGIA”, and I want to thank to the whole team for giving me possibility to learn too many things. I do not want to talk about how the practice knowledge, which I get in DISCOVER GEORGIA, will help me in my career, I just want to mention, that each person, who is working here is professional, friendly and are doing their best to teach us as much as they can. I want to thank to all of you for your help and support. 

Nino Nanieva: 5.08.2013 - 5.11.2013
Knowledge backed up with practice experience is much usable. Discover Georgia- has given me the opportunity to use my knowledge and I want to thank the whole team. I think programs, training and other things, which I have learnt during my internship program, will become the foundation of my career and personal growth. Direct contact to customers, other companies was great experience for everyone. In DISCOVER GEORGIA you will meet the professional team with high standard services and I was very lucky that I have been a member of this team.

Tamuna Gogishvili: 5.08.2013 - 5.11.2013
By internship program of Discover Georgia i got a huge experience, which I’m sure will be the foundation of my career development.  During the internship, I have learnt the nuances related to the travel company and not only, I became more confident. For all that, I want to thank to director of the company and the  managers, who were doing their best to share their knowledge and experience, and allowed me to maximize my ability. I am happy that I had an opportunity to be intern in a company like Discover Georgia. I am proud of my travel company!

Megi Tagorashvili: 5.06.2013-5.09.2013
First of all, I would like to thank the Discover Georgia’s team that gave me the opportunity to spend an internship for three month. The knowledge and experience, which I gain here, I can use not only for professional progression, but rather a right option for everyday communication. I was introduced to specifics of the tourism sector, visited historical places and met many interesting people. I have learned how to communicate properly with people and teamwork principles. Once again, thank you Discover Georgia!

Saba Kvinikadze: 20.05.2013-20.08.2013
Discover Georgia's Internship Program is the best for younger’s and entrants for their basis of success. Here I got both theoretical and practical experience, in particular learned: Tour planning, advertising, tourists and communication, team work, a company's internal activities, a detailed discussion of participation. This and other details helps me to develop myself not only in business but in personal growth.

Gvantsa Mikhailidi: 5.05.2013-5.08.2013
Discover Georgia-I had 3 months of probation, during which time I learned teamwork, a program that studied the structure of the travel agency. It was a very good and interesting as each tour with Discover Georgia-held, resulting in a great experience and great emotions. Thanks to Discover Georgia-A and 3 months I met me I was a member of his family.
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