Training Center 2012
Friday, September 26, 2014
Interns are accepted on the basis of interviews. After the completion of these 2 month program, interns will receive a certificate, where would be reflected all practical skills and experience of the intern acquired during the 2 month working period.

John khvitia: 20.05.2013-20.08.2013
Discover Georgia's Internship Program is the best for younger’s and entrants for their basis of success. Here I got both theoretical and practical experience, in particular learned: Tour planning, advertising, tourists and communication, team work, a company's internal activities, a detailed discussion of participation. This and other details helps me to develop myself not only in business but in personal growth. 

Salome Mchedlishvili - 23.05.2012-23.08.2012
For me, it was the first internship at the agency and it was a big experience. I used my theoretical knowledge in practice, I took part in the planning of the tours, learned the office skills and PR abilities. I also learned to work and communicate with various groups of tourists.

Manana Jokharidze-23.04.2012-23.07.2012
by the internship program of company "Discover Georgia" I have deepened my practical experience  in the  sphere of tourism. I have got experience not only the Georgian, but also with foreign companies and slough gained experience in the field of management of the company. In my opinion, such a program is necessary to go through all the students of the faculty of tourism, because without practical experience, with only theoretical knowledge, it is hard to begin working.

Nazibrola AbulaSvili - 23.04.2012-23.07.2012
The internship program of company "Discover Georgia"  has given me a lot of practical experience which has made my theoretical knowledge  more efficient. Earn the ability to work in groups or individually. Today my accumulated knowledge and experience helps me every day in companies activities.

Tamar Sordia - 23.04.2012-23.07.2012
The 3 months internship program of company "Discover Georgia" I have received considerable knowledge and experience. In the company students have the maximum opportunity to demonstrate their abilities.  Personally I have had an opportunity to stay in the company, and deepening my knowledge as in tourism so in finance inclination.

Mary Shanshiashvili - 23.04.2012-23.07.2012
n company Discover Georgia was personified the theoretical knowledge in the tourism business management. especially I would noted  experience  which I gained in the process of development and offer of the tour pekigs to the customer, which is really useful for professional advancement in the sphere of tourism.