Internship Program 2014 - 2014.14.06
Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Since 2014 Travel agency ‘’Discover Georgia’’ has improved the internship program and increased the number of interns. From that established its first training facility: The Hospitality and Tourism Training Center.

Lana Sophromadze: 14.04.2014-14.06.2014
The company has a good atmosphere and wonderful staff. Discover Georgia  interns an opportunity to get more information about these areas of practical and theoretical material. The company has a great potential to become the best in the whole Georgia, and not only in Georgia but also the abroad. Good Luck!

Mariam Khachidze: 31.03.2014-31.05.2014
“Discover Georgia’s “ intership program is a good way for gaining an experience for students in the field of tourism. During this time, I was actively involved in planning tours , communication            with clients and partners. I extend skills for team work and individual work. Two month internship program at the company is my first and I believe very serious step to this direction, which will help me in future career growth. Thanks to Discover Georgia for this possibility.

Salome Salukvadze: 31.03.2014-31.05.2014
I want to say that what I liked most of all in “Discover Georgia” is the sense of responsibility , work attitude, operativeness and control. I am pleased to had the opportunity of training in this company. I am proud to gain new friend in “Discover Georgia”. I'm always ready to cooperate with you and be your friend. The time I spent here will be very sweet memory for me. With love and best wishes for your from your intern Salome Saluqvadze .

Qristi Zakradze 17.03.2014-17.05.2014
As a result of  Discover Georgia´s    internship program I deepen my practical experiences the field of tourism. I got experience in relations of Georgian and foreign companies and great knowledge of the company´s management. I learned a lot of news about the different countries. I found my favorite country and I got good friends. Also I saw a beautiful parts of Georgia .In my opinion, all students at the faculty of tourism are required to go through similar programs, because without practical experience is difficult to get a job.

Tengo Simonishvili 17.03.2014-17.05.2014
„Discover Georgia” Gave me a lot of experience in the field of tourism and, as I am studying at the faculty of tourism  I hadn’t an opportunity of practices before I came to this company,  where I  gain the  practical knowledge and many  friends. I'm sure this experience will  help me in my future career. Thanks to “Discover Georgia” for this opportunity.
Nana Dumbadze: 17.03.2014-17.05.2014
The internship program of Discover Georgia is very sophisticated and adjusted for those ypung people who need to take the first steps in the field of tourism. It helps them to work correctly and in public relations. Personally, this internship program taught me a lot of things. I learned how to compile tours, calculation, the implementation of my theoretical knowledge in practice. My work has been paid off and now I am the member of the team of  Discover Georgia. I want to thank to the manager of training program for being always with us , to the organizer of this program and to the team of Discover Georgia.

Mariam Chaladze 17.02.2014-17.05.2014
3 month which I spent in “Discover Georgia” was very important and interesting for me. The theoretical knowledge which I have had in this field I sticked with being in "Discover Georgia". I learnt to plan trips, make teamwork skills, dealing with clients and at the same time I had attended presentations carried out by the well-known tour - operator Pegas Touristik. I want to thank "Discover Georgia" for acquisition a practical knowledge and experience.

Natia Razmadze 13.01.2014-13.04.2014
The internship program of  “Discover Georgia” is the best opportunity for students to get the experience in tourism activity. I personally, studied a lot, got a lot of experience, I learned as an individual as well as team work, how to develop and organize a tour, I had communication with partners and clients, which is why I want to thank the team of  “Discover Georgia” I am proud of my travel company.

Khatia Kharchiladze 09.12.2014-05.03.2014
First of all , i want to thank Discover Georgia that gave me the opportunity to take a very good experience in the field of tourism, as well as in general life issues. after 3 months of internship program in this company I stayed as an employee.  I'm very satisfied that the administration   gave me a chance to share my experiences to them and learn more and more. So, each of you has a chance to get experience at Discover Georgia and possibilities of  jobs as well. Once again, I want to thank to Discover Georgia for my success.

Nika Lagvilava: 11.11.2013 - 11.02.2014
The internship program of Discover Georgia is an ideal opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the source. Here you will learn the right approach to work and planning tours for group and individual work and Communicating with clients. With guidance of Discover Georgia’s group members, you will explore the most essential details of practical nuances. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Discover Georgia for the opportunity and chance to be the member of their group.
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