Internship Program 2014.14.06 - 2014.31.12
Sunday, December 28, 2014
On July 25th, 2014; Georgian National University and travel company ,,Discover Georgia’’ together  started  a new  project ,,Students Professional Training’’, based on which ,,Discover Georgia’’ was officially transferred to the  Georgian National University. ,,Discover Georgia’’ and University SEU plan to carry out various joint projects, such as hands-on training for SEU students. The internship program will enable students successfully raise careers in the tourism industry.
Levan Leverashvili   06.10.2014-06.12.2014
“Discover Georgia” internship program, is  a very good way for the student, (and not only) to learn use of the theoretical knowledge in practice.  Gain and accumulate experience, which is very important, in today's market, especially in the service sector.
Rusudan Muradashvili 06.10.2014-12.12.214
“Discover Georgia” Gave me the opportunity to receive a comprehensive education and experience in the field of tourism. The company is in a good environment and there are  high-level specialists, who shared with us their experience in two months. Apart from experience, I gained good friends. We attended presentations and INFO tours that made this internship program diverse. Ultimately, I would like to thank the "Discover Georgia". I am  proud of my travel company.
Giorgi Chipchiuri   06.08.2014-06.10.2014
SEU gives us a chance to use a theoretical knowledge in practice with its 2 month internship program in “Discover Georgia” ,where you can see and participate in work'll Learn how to make tours and then try to complete it. After all that practice you get a great knowledge . I have successfully completed internship program and now I'm certificated. I'm thankful to “Discover Georgia “ and I wish successes to next probationers.
Tamta Merkviladze   6.10.2014 - 6.12.2014
First of all I would like to thank Discover Georgia for such a great project. The company gives young people an opportunity to get practical experience in the field of tourism. I believe that the substantial knowledge that I have obtained during these two months will help me in my professional career. I would also like to thank each member of the team at Discover Georgia for creating friendly atmosphere. I wish the company successful and progressive future. 
Tamar Petriashvili    06.10.2014-06.12.2014
“Discover Georgia” training center is the place where a person can grow and form your case. It helps to communicate the important tourism sector. Best wishes!
Irine Qushashvili    06.10.2014-06.12.2014
First of all, I want to say thanks to DISCOVER GEORGIA for the internship program. It was a great challenge for me ro participate in this program.They gave me chance to work with them for 2 months. I’ve got many information about tourism and how to plan tours.It was very intristing to attend presentations and info tours. I’ve got many friends and information about different countries of the world.
Irma Tkeshelashvili 15.09.2014-15.11.2014
2 month which I spent in "Discover Georgia" was very interesting for me. I am glad that this time I spent with you.Wonderful environment ad with the help of a professional team give me chance to shear theorial knowledge in practice.Durin this time, i lernt to plane trips.Also I had attend presentation which carried company employyes and tour-operator Pegast Touristik.I want to thank "Discover Georgia", I wish you progress and continued succsess!  Best wishes Irma Tkeshelashvili.
Mariam Sixarulidze 06.10.2014-06.12.2014
I think that's got a lot of experience 'DISCOVERGEORGIA' . Despite the fact that I had not previously any experience of studying in the faculty of tourism , you give me the opportunity to learn everything I could learn to 2 months. I am sure that they will definitely help me in this training and this knowledge.
Mariam Tugushi 06.10.2014-06.12.2014
First of all I’d like to thank Discover Georgia for creating internship program and enabling me to use my theoretical knowledge in practice. I have got an immense knowledge and practice. And not only I learned the specifics of this filed but the internship program has made me more confident and determined. There should also be mentioned the friendly team of Discover Georgia who did everything professionally and diligently for us to get maximum knowledge and skills. Once more thank you very much for these wonderful two months.
Mari Fosuri 06.10.2014-06.12.2014
Discover georgia's internship program, gave me a lot of experience in the field of domestic tours. The working process was very interesting and informative: finding tourist facilities, directions, and an estimate of the tour package. I spent 2 months in pleasant company. I want to thank Discover georgia for such an experience. 
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