Internship Program 2015
Thursday, May 7, 2015

On April 4, 2015 Travel Agency “Discover Georgia” has held a certificate awarding for students who ended internship successfully. The ceremony was held in Georgian National University – “SEU”. The certificates were given by the head of Georgian Tourism National Administration Giorgi Chogovadze.

Since establishing company successfully implements internship program for inbound and outbound tourism. The space where students and other persons wishing to undergo the mentioned internship program  stands out in one window, where in single space travel agency and training center is located.

The event was attended by government officials and private sector representatives, various university lecturers, journalists.


Mariam Gaikharashvili 16.02.2015 - 8.04.2015       

I have been engaged in Discover Georgia as an intern for two months. During this period I had an opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge in practice and learned a lot from professionals in the field. Every moment spent at ‘’Discover Georgia’’ training center was full of positive experience. I will always miss this warm environment. I would like to thank Discover Georgia for these positive emotions and the knowledge that I gained with their support.


Mariam Doijashvili 16.02.2015-08.04.2015

I spent two month in Discover Georgia.For me this time is so interesting.I had chance to recieve praktical knowledge,that help me my professional development. I want to thank all staff of company to hard by me. Their presentation was so cognitive. Also I acquire new friends. For me this two month will stay as pleasant memory.

I am proud of my company


Mancho Barnovi 16.02.2015-08.04.2015

Discovery Georgia- has given me afford my theoretical knowledge into the practice.Helped me to become more self-confident, expansion the view of life in my profession.Everithinf for this I want to give thank all staff.Be Confident with Discovery Georgi- this is the key to success.


Natali Kobiashvili 16.02.2015-08.04.2015

First of all I would like to thank Discover Georgia-'s, that takes care of the students and allows them to enhance and test theoretical knowledge in practice, which is very important to us.

In addition to the tour, I learned to build, the more confident and purposeful gamkhada.vtvli Two months, two qualities that are necessary.

Discover Georgia- a friendly team, which is doing everything professionally and willingly in order to receive the maximum amount of knowledge and experience

I spent 2 months in pleasant company. I want to thank Discover georgia- for such an experience.


Tamta Piriashvili 16.02.2015-08.04.2015

When I started my internship at Discover Georgia I was full of hope and enthusiasm. I’ve never forgotten the strong motivation when I first heard the joint project of SEU and Discover Georgia. I strongly believe this training will be a step of our career. For helping of Discover’s friendly staff I really love, accept and discover my personalities and values in tourism industry.


Ani Charelashvili 16.02.2015-08.04.2015

“Discover Georgia” helped me to improve my knowledge, I got lots of experiences. which will be usefull for me in future. The working is very interesting and eventful here. I wish to all of you lucky, best wishes Ani Charelashvili


Christi Avaqiani 06.12.2014-13.02.2015       
I think that in 2 months many things have empowered to me , not only  the knowledge that I will use in future , but also new friends, new faces, new relationships, first debuted of the host, there were lots of positive and sometimes negative emotions, which strengthened and colored my life during this two months. Time has passed lightning- fast, blink an eye had no time even to wink. Good luck to all staff of Discover Georgia and the future interns.

With love,    Christi Avaqiani                  


Salome Eqizashvili 06.12.2014-13.02.2015

The past two months have positively impacted.  I had formulate  the necessary skills, such as team work, punctuality, fast-thinking skills. I’ll use the Theoretical knowledge in practice as well.        


Dali Agulashvili 06.12.2014-13.02.2015

“Discover Georgia” internship program, is  a very good way for the student to learn use of the theoretical knowledge in practice. The company is in a good environment and there are  high-level specialists. 2 month which I spent in "Discover Georgia" was very interesting for me. I want to thank "Discover Georgia" and I wish the company successful and progressive future.


Pikria Qurdadze 06.12.2014-13.02.2015

I was very happy, when i was among the students who have to training at the tourist company “DISCOVER GEORGIA”. This was my first step from theory to practice and i want to say thank the company for an exciting two month. During this period i learnd a lot of interesting things of outbound tourizm, which i think is very useful in the future. I am proud of my travel company. Best wishes.   


Nano Dadiani 06.12.2014-13.02.2015

Thank you “discover Georgia” and all the staff for diligent help.

by this training course I extend my theoretical knowledge ,got more practical experience and also new friends. I enjoyed very much the time I spend here in this training course. :)


Anzor Kapanadze   06.12.2014-13.02.2015               

thanks to each stuff espacialy  the menejers of inbound tours Mariam and Nana. I have been feeling good with you, I have improved my professional skills, an how to communicate with peoples. I go a lot of practical skills which is so important for tour manager! I met a lot of good guys and got many got many friends.


Temur Kushitashvili 06.12.2014-13.02.2015

Thanks Discover Georgia’s the entire staff for the warm and  friendly behavior.

Here I taugh how to share  time  and its optimal using, they gave me the opportunity for self-realization, for it I  got a lot of experience not only in tourism also in the field of life. They help to increase our theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge.

They spent a lot of energy to become a tours menejerer and effort, for that I repay them a big Thanks.


Nini Khutsishvili 06.12.2014-13.02.2015               

Thank you very much “Discover Georgia” and all the staff for interesting and exhaustive teaching. During 2 month I’ve been able to use my theoretical knowledge in the practice,

and for it I extend my knowledge in this sphere. Thanks ,,Discover Georgia’’.


Tamta Turkadze 06.12.2014-13.02.2015               

 I am very glad that I was whole two month in Discover Georgia. This training was important, because my superficially knowledge became stronger. You all staff, always tried to working on oneself. I learnt how to plan a good tour. I am very thankful. Especiely I want to thank our HR-Tamo, who always taught how we can find a way out of a difficult situation. I will be free-spoken and I honestly tell that I am sorry for ending our training. I I’m proud that I was internship member:*


Shalva Soselia 06.12.2014-13.02.2015               

I think that the past two months positively affected me. Have me the necessary skills, such as team work, punctuality, fast-thinking skills. I received, both in theoretical and practical knowledge, I'll use this in the future


Margarita Vartanovi 

First of all, I want to thank Discover Georgia for such a good and interesting project!! For two month of internship, I got acquainted with practical works. Company gave me the opportunity to take a lot of experience in the tourism industry and I realized that it is very pleasure to work by my profession. I think to have a practical works in Discover Georgia’s office is a dream of every student. I felt myself at home and I have always been happy to come here. I really liked everything. I wish your company good luck and success!!


Mariam Bebia

These two  impressive months , which i spent at “Discover Georgia” is  really important for me, During this period I got  great experience  both theoretical and practical , became more qualified in  tourism industry ,met many interesting and successful people. became more  self-confident  and motivated person.I am  sure  all the things  which  I learned here will be very helpful for me in my future career.

  One of the most important thing is that  ,I worked with the most professional  and friendly staff. I am very happy that I had a chance to work with them and to do the  job which I love.

  Thank to “Discover Georgia “and  its staff ,and   wish  them good luck.i can honestly say that it the best tourist company in Georgia. In my opinion the company’s intership program is important and useful  not only for the people who are  interested in tourism , but also for Georgia’s development of tourism.


Mariam Tivtikiani

I had a two-month internship in Internships Discover Georgia- gave me the opportunity to receive education in the field of tourism got a lot of experience in the field of domestic tours for me it was very interesting for two months. Thank you very much Discover Georgia- Find each member. I wish the company success.


Ketevan Khutsishvili

This 2 months with “Discover Georgia” gained me a lot of experience and practical knowledge, taught me how to become a successful tourism manager and not only. During this 2 months I attended very interesting presentations, have met interesting people and companies, which gained me new skills and friends.

“Discover Georgia” isn’t only a company, it’s a big family, which takes each new student as their family member. I’m grateful for “Discover Georgia" that it gave us the opportunity to spend time in a great company.

Discover success with “Discover Georgia”.


Anna Julakidze

Two month training program in Discover Georgea, gave me a lot of practical experience.  It was my first impressive at Tourism Company. It’s  important that during the practice in this company, there were implemented many interesting trainings.

I want to appreciate “Discover Georgia” and all staff, that allow my first step  in this sphere, where I shall have to employ in Future.


Anuki Beridze

First of all, thanks to Discover Georgia and each employ for caring student’s development and information. In point of Tourism, I upgraded internalized tour-operator functions and  attended more interesting presentations, which makes me happy!


Baia Gulordava

First of all, thank you Discover Georgia, for the opportunity to spend time with an impressive two months. I used my theoretical knowledge in practice and I am very satisfied. Also, I “discover” new friends, who all this time with me completed an internships. Thanks to the "Discover Georgia’s” all employees, who were like a family to us and we became a team.

Discover Georgia, good luck!!!


Gvanca Wyonia

First of all I want to thank discover Georgia- and our director, Ms. Nina Kekelidze, that there is such a program, which gives us a chance for students to learn in this field working style, these 2 months will be unforgettable for me, Here theoretical knowledge I had reinforcement into practice and learned in more detail, In our field I think the practice is very important, we had an interesting trips into Different companies and interesting meetings with experienced people, which led to a lot of experience has given me into the tours, and I would like to point-here work professional people with the team, which give complete and accurate answers and communicate with them is a pleasant. I am glad that these two months I spent with you in a pleasant environment. I wish DISCOVER GEORGIA to be the top of the success.


Gogi gazdeliani

,, Discover Georgia "- a very nice program for students (not only for students of seu) of taking theoretical experience in the field of tourism. Students can be also afford to expand their knowledge of culture and art, various event attendance and training participation.  During two months ago every day more and more interesting as it is every day learning something new and something to discover. I would like to thanks Discover Georgia.


Vika kukhianidze

Thank you sincerely for successful co-operation.Tourism company named ,,Discover Georgia” give me a unique chance to get a proffecial education,to improve my skills,during this period I met many interesting persons,they shared us their experience.I am proud of that I am probationer of this company.This experience will help me in future.Thanks for all for warm and friendly  atmosphere.Wish you success!

Yours faithfuly Inbound Tours Intern: Vika Kukhianidze.


Tatia Berberashvili

Two month probation was very important for me in tourism company "Discovery Georgia". During the probation I learned how to work right, to plan and organise the tour routes, to book air tickets, I learned how to work with a group of people and I want to thank the group of "Discovery Georgia" who tried hard to give me maximal knowledge and helped me to get experience. This 2 month was unforgettable and I'm sure it will bring me a great success.


Maia Nakudaidze

“Discover Georgia”- training program gave me the opportunity to deepen and broaden my knowledge and use it in practice, for which I am thankful to the company. In two months, I received a great deal of knowledge and experience that is each employee’s merit, which gave us a friendly and pleasant environment. Thank you again for  “Discover Georgia” and I wish them a lot of success. 


Mariam Dolidze

By the 2 month probation in "Discovery Georgia" I have deepen the theoretic knowledge about tourism , I learned how to plan tours, how to work with a group of people and that's why I want to thank the group of "Discovery Georgia". This 2 month will be unforgettable for me and I'm sure the experience, I got in "Discovery Georgia" will bring me a great success.


Mariam Chania

“DISCOVER GEORGIA” the internship program allows young people to get the best experience in tourism activity. I, the company gave me the opportunity of my Knowledge  of what this area has had in terms of practical use. Also, experience in relations with foreign companies, I heard a lot of news from different countries, I learned to plan tours, to make the team work skills, I dealt with customers and at the same time I attended the presentation, which was conducted by the well-known tour operators.

Very much like to "DISCOVER GEORGIA" - a member of each team. They contribute greatly to our professional training and development.

I am happy that I Internships  in "DISCOVER GEORGIA”! I’m sure that the knowledge and experience to help me succeed.


Fiqria Chitaia

Fellowship Discover Georgia- in one of the best and it was a step forward in my life.Me I spent two months with a team of professionals, which was very interesting and fruitful and friendly environment.I am glad,that I spent it with you on the time.Thanks National University and the company's Discover Georgia-the project.I am sure the knowledge gained will help me in the career advancement.Good luck interns future, the company's employees and Seu.

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