Interns 05.02.2016
Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ana gabedava 

First of all, thank you so much for such a wonderful project of Discover Georgia. In two months, I got a lot of experience in the field of domestic tours. During this time I learned to plan tours, attended presentations. can not stress Discover Georgias-'s friendly team, who willingly do everything in order to receive the maximum experience. Thank you for this for two months, I wish success to the company and future interns.


Ann Girgvliani

I’m happy to had opportunity  dropped internship at one of the leading tourism company “Discover Georgia “,where I received theoretical and practical experience tourism industry. I became more self-confident, purposeful and also bought an unusual friends.  Thanks to all the staff company for friendly environment. I wish the “Discover Georgia” be the only leader tourism company. I wish great success future interns.


Ana Rukhadze

,, Discover Georgia "is the best way to get a comprehensive education and experience   in two months I had to work in a friendly and pleasant environment professionals ertad. Thanks,, Discover Georgia" _ there's internship program.

Beka Ambrosishvili

"Discover Georgia" is one of the most professional touring company, which has extensive experience has given me a couple months, tours of the area. Thanks to the "Discover georgia" to create a training program for all employees, and first of all his labor, it has always been as much enthusiasm to learn how to operate and gain as much experience and knowledge. good luck!


Tatia Goginashvili

Tourism company ,,Discover Georgia” completed the practice was important for me. Each day was productive and fruitful. I lerned to do tours. I become confident, motivated.  Thank  you very much for a tourist company and all employees.


Irakli Ramishvili

2 months spent in touristic company “Discover Georgia” was the experience, which enabled me to discover everything about tourism industry. During the internship I gained a very useful theoretical and practical knowledge. And the most important – all of the above was achieved with the help of a very nice corporate culture and the people, who you find pleasant to study and work with. So…Good luck and thank you “Discover Georgia”


Mariam saxeishvili

Trainig course  is more than just a great way to get a step up over your competition in the industry and gain a feel for what management level positions will be like. Also, giving you new friends and memories that will last a lifetime.I think Discover Georgia is  the best company. Here is very cheerful  stuff and a comfortable workplace. With Discover Georgia Interns will gain practical, hands-on experience and skills that is very important for tourism industry.


“Discover Georgia’s” 2 month length internship program is a really very good opportunity for those people who are interested in tourism industry and like to improve their own practical skills. During the internship period I was taking the outbound tourism course and I have studied almost all those things in detail, that are important to make any tour, such as air ticket, hotel, transfer booking systems or visa and insurance processing. I’d like to thank each staff of the company for their support and experience sharing.


Mariam Chagiashvili

First of all I would like to thank Discover Georgia such a wonderful project that will allow us to learn more, to learn the essence of tourism directly and become its participants. Discover Georgia is the best travel company that not only the students and allow them to learn, explore and become participants in this field. I am proud that I am ,, SEU's '' student and at the same time I am glad that I have had the opportunity to work in an environment that creates ,, Discover Georgia ''


Natia Beridze

      The 2-month internship program  in touris agency  “Discover Georgia ”was the educational program of the acquired knowledge (and not only) in practice.  I would like to express my respect for the team that cared for all this period on the professional level of our training and development . "Discover Georgia" pre-defined 2-month program has allowed me to get to know the specifics of the work and the peculiarities of the tourism company and, most importantly, the knowledge gained here will largely determine the direction of my future career in tourism.

Thank you !


Natia Romanadze

Wonderful place, professional team, unique chance, unforgettable experience, turning your knowledge into practice – all this you can get in Discover Georgia’s training center. The only thing I can say is Thank you, for making me a part of your  team for this two months!


Nino Arachemia

First of all I would like to thank  SEU and Discover Georgia That the Unified forces try to train their students Increase qualified, competitive staff  numbers , Which is the most important thing for tourism potential. Only theoretical knowledge is not enough for success, that’s why I have chosen "Discover Georgia”. This is one big family, that will help you to be a Successful. Your success guarantee is “Discover Georgia”.

I believe I will be successful and that will be your archive.

Disocver Georgia is the best company which helps to discover Yourself .


Nino Kvirikashvili

“Discover Georgia”- This is the company, that allowed me to take the tourism industry as a theoretical, as practical knowledge and experience, I learned a lot of useful things in two months, It isn’t only  in  the tourism sector, But in all stages of me. The wonderful  environment and experienced specialists in company all cases look into  possibilities. Here I had treatment to attend helpful meeting and event, Which I sure definitely me in tourism sector. Also I have opportunity better to learn about my country and  not only, I learn better world important countries . Here I learnt, how planned tours, how to be estimate and of course in two months gave the opportunity,  that I grew raise personal capacity. I set more goals  for the future. Thanks “Discover Georgia” for wonderful two months and lot of success for you! J


Nino Xatiasvhili

 It’s 4 years that I study at the tourism faculty and only because of this intership I get opportunity to have practice in my profession an use my knowledge. Also I got friends and I’m happy that I spent my two months in that good and friendly environment.


4 years since I study at the Faculty of Tourism, during this time, I get  theoretical knowledge gained, but it was not enough to make up the tourism industry persons. Since I started the internship program Discover Georgia- my outlook considerably increased. Discover Georgia 100% warranting in its own name, I have found my skills in this area, I met people with similar interests, I have friends. Thank Discover Georgia-'s order, an opportunity to be a part of me for 2 months in the creative community, which is Georgia's most cool and popular product. I am proud of my travel company, join this team and proud of everything you have. 


Sofo Machavariani

First of all I would like to thank,, Discover Georgia '' for the project. You earned experience, practical skills, allowing us to self-fulfillment, and a lot of things that definitely lifted our confidence and proudly taken us to future success. Thanks,, Discover Georgia '' to give me the opportunity, to discover along with everything else that you group all the people.


Khatia Danamiani
First of all I would like to thank the DISCOVER GEORGIA, To create such a project,
2-month internship students and enabled us to our knowledge through the inbound tourism industry.
"Discover Georgia-'s" training center is a place where a person can grow and develop your business. Helps to establish the communications essential to the emerging field of tourism.

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