Project “Women in Business”
Friday, September 22, 2017

Project partners and supporters were:

Georgian National Tourism Administration (GNTA)

Georgian Tourism Association (GTA)

Governing for Growth in Georgia (G4G)

List your top 3 results for this program

       Based on the goals of the project, three main results have been clarified:

1.The participants of the program – were involved and taught all the practical activities of manufacturing process in the tourism industry, especially in travel agency.
2.The participants of the program – within the framework of the informational meeting, they established long-term business relationship with private and government sector, which helped facilitate their business development.
3.Their role in the business has grown stronger, they are confident about their challenges,  have an immediate and adequate attitude, they became as an one team and are taking care of tourism development and advancement in Georgia

Implemented Trainings & Practicies:

-Formatting & Budgeting Tours in Georgia   
-Official Correspondence (Microsoft Office Outlook)                             
-Tour monitoring and document turnover  
-Sales, Branding & Marketing                                      
-Service Standards (Service +)                                                          
-Diplomacy, Emotional Intelligence                                                                              

Implemented Meetings & Activities:

 -    Informational Tours (Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Kakheti, Gori, Tetritskaro, Kazbegi)

 -     Informational Meetings with Service Providers

 -    Official Visits in Public/Private Agencies (GNTA, GTA, National Agency   for Cultural Heritage & Preservation of Georgia, Georgian National Museum, Agency of Protected Areas)

-      Product/Tour Segmentation

-      Financial Statements, Legal Consultations