Interns 2019
Wednesday, July 3, 2019


Naili Kiriakova

I started practicing in "Discover Georgia" from 03/06/2019 to 28/6/9109. I was able to practice my skills and knowledge. As long as I went to practice here, I had an experience, but I missed a lot of things to learn. Also, beginners can use theoretical knowledge in practice and then use this knowledge in the future. I strongly advise future tourism practitioners to take this practice.



Giorgi Bluashvili

I went through the production practice "Discover Georgia" in the tourist company. I have had great experience during this one month, the most importantly they have high quality staff and have the highest quality service.



Giorgi Carcidze

Personally for me, trainng was very interesting in the direction of inbound tours,in my opinion there is not anything in this direction which we didn’t expand   and did not go to the last nuance. Each presentation was very interesting and most importantly we used theoretical knowledge in practice. Thank you!



Tamar Datuashvili

Discover Georgia is a place where I've got a lot of experience in tourism. I am glad that I had to spend a productive month with people who were full of friendship and professionalism.



Irma Romanadze

Discover Georgia • is a place where I have a great experience. During the practice I had a lot of information and new information,

Prospectus was active, each day was planned and interesting. I'm happy with this mutual cooperation, I wish you good luck!



Lika Samushia

I went through the practice of this company. One month spent here was interesting, I gain new skills and experience, I learned many new and interesting things. This is the place where working the best people full of positive. In the end I want to thank you and wish you success in professional activities.



Marekhi Otiashvili

I went through a one-month industrial practice in "Discover Georgia". Here I got to know the wonderful people who helped me to understand my profession. I have not planned to work in the tourist company yet, but after the practices that I've been here, I was very keen to link my business with the tourist company. Thanks, Discover Georgia, that increases professional staff.



Mariam Esakia

I have had a practice in the tourist company "Discover Georgia". One month spent here was a great experience and important. I have learned new skills and became more mobilized. The company has experienced staff, which is very important for a tourist company. We wish you success and success.



Mariam Shanidze

One of the best tourist companies in which we can be proud of professional growth and care for their own students, high qualified professionals are committed to becoming professionals as well. We thank you for so much heat and attention.



Medea Tabatadze

I liked the period of internship in this company was exceptionally good. I would not think that it would be so good to see the warm working atmosphere, and the professional staff will more and more assist us in the activities of the tour operators. 



Natia Kimadze

One month of production practice in Discover Georgia. This period helped me with professional growth and development, and I found a very friendly atmosphere where practical training was doubly pleasant and productive. I would like to thank the whole team for the work that has been used for my work  - not left a question unanswered.



Nino Otarashvili

Discover Georgia, is a tourist company where from the moment of entry I feel that there are people who are professionals, Always ready to help you answer all the questions, have time to give you a great deal of time. This is the place where you can feel the most comfortable in the most friendly atmosphere during the internship. It is very good when we were able to observe the process of working with the tourist company in this period. I got many practical skills out of this, which I will use in the future. Thanks to each employee for the service, learning, selfless work and motivation.



Nino Kharchilava

I first came to Discover Georgia in 2018. I was impressed by the environment and, of course, an excellent team of professionals. Despite the fact that I had never heard of this company since day one, I wondered if there really was where I wanted to be. I think I gained a lot of experience in 2018, and I expected that next year I would return and take another step forward. I am very pleased with the time spent here, which was really productive for me, and I want to contribute to the development of my country in this direction. Thank you for being there, and you really should be proud of your company and your team.



Sveta Varsimashvili

I Have Started Production Practice "Discover Georgia" in the tourist company, one month spent here was a great experience for me, and most importantly, they have a handful of staff and professionals in their case. They have the highest quality service.



Sofio Zhozhonashvili

I am very happy with the impressions and I'm excited about the Discover Georgia. During these two months I received knowledge and experience. An enormous warm atmosphere, with an employee. I cannot tell you much with words, I think that the time spent here was the best period of my life.



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